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Posted: 8th March 2011 by Mark in Homepage

Indigo Mad is the first in a series of sci-fi novels centered on the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.  Vast as the universe is, the physical universe is only a tiny fraction of the whole – at least 70% of the universe is dark energy, with dark matter making up another 25%.  The rest—everything on earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter—adds up to less than 5% of the entire universe.

Looking closely to understand dark energy, the unseen force that constitutes the majority of the known universe, physicists and cosmologists are perplexed.   This creates perfect timing for Indigo Mad, which extrapolates on current cosmology theory and brings the reader into the new world of dark energy.

Author Mark Spargo has spent many years researching and collaborating with world-leading cosmologists, astrophysicists, scientists and futurists to help explain what we know and theorize what may be possible.  Spargo has spent a couple decades in the Information Technology industry, interacting with leading thinkers and researchers in computer science theory and supercomputer application, working towards solving many of the most challenging issues facing mankind and our planet, providing a fertile and imaginative foundation for his science fiction series in dark energy.  Mr. Spargo has taken his body of knowledge and written fascinating, character-rich stories about harnessing and manipulating dark energy and dark matter as humankind extends its reach into the cosmos in the year 2250.

Another unique and desirable feature of this dark energy trilogy is that it features a smart and attractive female protagonist named Delikat, who offers female science fiction readers a strong, female role model – Delikat is a rapidly evolving alien cyborg who accelerates her growth at a faster rate than others around her, including the male human characters, Indigo and Jake. This is a twist in SciFi that is fresh, thought-provoking and long overdue.

  1. Paul Steinhardt, Director, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science says:

    “We live at a special moment in cosmic history, the transition between a decelerating, matter-dominated universe and an accelerating, dark energy dominated universe.”
    Paul Steinhardt, Director, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

  2. Max Painter says:

    Congratulations on bringing your creative talent and human energy to the masses. I look forward to reading your book and entering the world of intrigue as seen through your eyes “from inifinity and beyond.”