Indigo Mad .. book 1

By Mark

As humanity expands into further reaches of space we will be required to accelerate our integration of bio-mechanical enhancements in order to successfully interact with and contribute to more advanced off-world species and civilizations; without the integration and acceptance of multi-sensory and multi-reality living we will not be able to understand how to engage, or to how to contribute our value as possible equals to more advanced off-world species. Indigo Mad and Jake Castle from Earth accept this evolutionary mandate in order to unite and assist a cross-cosmos group of beings, led by the rapidly evolving Cyborg female Delikat, to save Earth and countless planets from a marauding species called the Krayne. The Krayne: insatiable energy hoarders conquering-forth from the Horsehead Nebula, propelled by the cataclysm of three colliding galaxies and the annihilation of their homeworld.

With the aid of the Simbari-Intertwiners the main characters locate the Rabocin – three ancient artifacts created by the Tendrim – entities who flourished just after the Big Bang origin of the Universe, a time of extreme violence and beginnings.  During that span the Tendrim formed the initial lattices of the Entity Grid – dark energy networks that interconnect all that lies within the boundaries of the known universe, if you know where and how to find them, and have the skill to utilize their reaches. Ultimately the Rabocin, energized and focused by Delikat, the Intertwiners, and Indigo Mad unite together and succeed in their mission to stop the Krayne and save Earth.

  1. Mark Stahl says:

    I’m anxious to read Mr. Spargo’s 1st Sci-Fi book. I’m interested to see how Mr. Spargo develops the human requirement to embrace bio-mechanical enhancements, multi-sensory, multi-reality living in order to engage with more advanced sentient species.