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With the completion of Indigo Mad and the beginning of Delikat within this series that explores dark energy and current cosmology theories and trends, Mark Spargo is beginning to coalesce over 25 years of science fiction passion and his collected writings. Graduating with a BA in Marketing from Washington State University, with focus areas in Computer Science and Anthropology, Mark currently directs Intel’s global Supercomputer sales efforts of the largest and most powerful computer clusters on Earth. His successful history starting up and growing businesses in Information Technology, as well as designing and deploying the latest technologies with leading companies and science institutions such as NASA and the CERN Large Hadron Collider helps tether his creative fiction to cutting-edge high-technology trends as he weaves them into believable science fiction.

Living in the New York area and traveling globally on a regular basis Mark believes we are participating in the most exciting era of scientific discovery and innovation:
“Through SETI and a vast array of sensory experiments we are peering further into our past, and towards our future… discovering what the Tendrim have created and now participating in the Wysteria Constructs with Delikat, Indigo, Jake and this new series… I hope you participate in the adventure” – Mark Spargo, Fall, 2010

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