Implants to accelerate your evolution..

By Mark

A point in our evolution relentlessly approaches and I don’t think enough people take time to consider and discuss the implications of choices we are making every day.  In order to communicate with off-Earth entities we will need to enhance our capabilities, or miss the true opportunity of “first contact” – within the Dark Energy Series the benefits are repeatedly demonstrated…

If given the opportunity, in the near future, would you purchase implants that would allow you to:

  • Enhance your vision to match the sensory capability of an eagle (sharpness at least 4x humans, with perfect vision)?
  • Smell with the capability of dogs (estimated at least 100x more acute than humans)?
  • Access the web to research and recall any fact and to communicate wirelessly with your family and friends, with only thoughts?
  • Upload your mind into a computer, or the “Web Cloud”, as your body fails towards the end of your life? (the Entity Grid and Waves in the dark energy series..)

You will have these choices in the not-too-distant future – do these “enhancement opportunities” have implications to the choices you are making today?