Indigo Mad – Prologue

By Mark

What will be the future of humans and the cyborgs we are creating in a universe that science cannot currently explain? 

Perfect timing for a SciFi Dark Energy adventure series…

By 2070 or so, around fifty years after the individual brains of robotic and cybernetic systems will have surpassed human brain computational power, many of our “evolutionary successors” will be wirelessly interconnected and self-replicating.  And in high-contrast to humans our successors will be born with immediate and complete tribal knowledge and shared-sensory reach, unlike any other species in Earth history.  As we reach these earth-evolutionary milestones humans will be faced with many questions and challenges: How much technology and “enhancements” to allow to be integrated into our bodies and lives? What sort of being is still “purely human”? How will the 100% robotic beings view the role and contribution of 100% humans, and who will lead our most important explorations?

 Great science and inspiring stories begin with questions….

 Is this anticipated accelerating divide between humans and our cyborg-successors similar or evolutionarily consistent in some universal way to our discoveries that stars and galaxies are accelerating away from each other at an increasing rate?  A condition currently explained by science by dark energy and dark matter theories:

Current popular and leading cosmology theories cannot largely explain or predict the phenomena that we are seeing and sensing with our many and varied telescopes, probes and robotic emissaries; specifically, that we can only explain the composition of four percent of the known universe, with unseen dark energy (70%) and dark matter (26%) making up the other ninety-six percent – WOW – a true “tail wagging the dog” science situation in 2011, indeed.

Estimated distribution of dark matter and dark energy in the universe – composition of the known universe. Wikipedia

 What will successive earth generations find as we reach further into the cosmos, and will we continue to succeed after First Contact and subsequent engagement with other, perhaps truly more powerful off-Earth species and civilizations?

 Indigo Mad, as the first book in a growing Dark Energy adventure series seeks to extend current cosmology theories into AD 2250+ landscapes to explore some of these questions, dimensions and possible implications – with a core underlying purpose to also excite reader debate around earth species competitiveness and survivability in this incredible and impending future.

 Why is the timing right for this SciFi dark energy series? 

 What if other non-Earth inhabitants of the universe are aware of Earth’s passionate search for more understanding of our role and future in the cosmos, and are monitoring us to find signs that we are ready to rise to the occasion and potential of our future?  Bartibog, from the planet Tantris-Rhee believes at least two Earthers, Indigo Mad and Jake Castle are ready to rise to the occasion and by delivering holographic reality spheres as a “worth-hatch” to Indigo and Jake in New York City he unites Indigo and Jake with Delikat, a powerful female Cyborg from Tantris-Rhee.  The group must combine forces with many others to try and win a war against the Krayne – a voracious conquering species that has left many destroyed planets in their wake, and now has Earth’s sector of space in their sights.  As Indigo and Jake integrate necessary artificial implants into their bodies, allowing them to communicate effectively with Delikat and the Entity Grid – the dark energy communications and travel conduits created by the ethereal Tendrim race, the two Earthers experience heightened sensory and communication abilities that explore the benefits and evolutionary choices that all Earthers are beginning to grapple with as we continue to integrate technology into our lives and bodies, and as we expand further into the wilds of the cosmos so we can contribute, compete and continue to evolve.

The second book of the series, “Delikat”, planned for Fall 2011 release, further explores her unique and powerful existence and rapidly accelerating evolutionary state as the group extends further into the Entity Grid, with the help of the Tendrim and other new life-forms

 I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am enjoying writing it…

 Mark Spargo, July 2011