By Mark

“The experts don’t agree, and this means SF story-opportunity:
We are living in a time of conflicting scientific theories all working to describe and explain a growing body of exciting new cosmology, physics and other scientific discoveries – each newly launched and soon-to-be-launched research satellite and telescope are allowing humans an unprecedented sensory reach into the history and possible future of the universe – As of March 2011, 511 Exoplanets have been discovered and the list continues to grow — exciting time to be alive, to say the least.

Through research and writing I am seeking to collaborate with scientists, futurists and other creative people to help explain what we know, what may be possible, and to try and paint believable stories of what may come to be realized as we look further back in time towards the Big Bang, some 14 Billion years ago, and therefore towards our potential future.

The explosive birth of Sci-Fi by several sci-fi “giants” in the 1930’s-60’s was unprecedented in the genre – we have an opportunity now to update their colorful visions with the many technology and theoretical advances since that first explosion, and along the way to attract young scientists, innovators and investors to fuel the pursuit of new discovery. We, our descendents, and the many inhabitants of Exoplanets deserve no less.”

Author, Mark Spargo.